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Inpatient Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation at Rehab Station Stockholm

Since 1987 Rehab Station Stockholm in conjunction with Karolinska University Hospital has been offering rehabilitation and treatment for a growing number of SCI patients. As a centre for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) we receive patients requiring specialised care from all parts of Sweden as well as from abroad. We also offer rehabilitation in other neurological areas as well as in orthopaedics and amputees.

spinal cord injury rehabilitation. We are proud to have created a positive and friendly atmosphere which enables patients to reach their full potential. The goal is for our patients to regain or maintain an active role in society with a high degree of autonomy and life satisfaction.

The multidisciplinary team at Rehab Station Stockholm offer expertise within rehabilitation medicine, neurology, sexology/ fertility and pain management. Consultants in a number of other areas are also available.

Rehab Station Stockholm is ideally located within a National park, yet only 10 minutes from central Stockholm and 25 minutes from Arlanda Airport. Karolinska University Hospital, is also situated a short ride from our centre.

Patients and relatives

Each year we are providing care for more than 100 SCI patients. This includes both patients who are recently injured and those who require a period of inpatient hospitalisation due to surgical interventions or medical complications. We welcome relatives to come and stay at our centre. We strongly believe in involving relatives and encourage them to partake in our educational- and therapy sessions, counselling and outings.


The goal is for our patients to regain or maintain an active role in society with a high degree of autonomy and life satisfaction. We put great emphasis on educating both patients and their relatives about SCI. We hold weekly sessions in all aspects of care and their condition, thus preparing the patient for their return home.

A different approach

At Rehab Station Stockholm we believe that rehabilitation should be fun, inspirational and interactive. As well as more conventional rehabilitation we offer a number of sports activities including wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, archery and sailing. We also have a fully adapted kitchen where patients get to prepare their own meals under the guidance of an occupational therapist. Patients get the opportunity to go on public transport and learn how to go up and down escalators during our regular trips to the city centre.

Patient participation

It is expected that the patient takes an active role in the rehab process. We therefore encourage patient to participate in creating their own schedule and managing their time. The rehabilitation program at Rehab Station Stockholm is demanding and will require patient compliance. We believe that through engaging the patient in their rehab we will maximise their willingness to work hard.


Our multidisciplinary teams comprise of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation instructors, nursing staff, social worker psychologist and recreation leader.

Role models

We are fortunate to have rehab instructors in our teams. Many of whom themselves have SCI. They can offer unique insight and understanding of the issues that a person with SCI is facing. They provide guidance and advice on matters such as wheelchair technique, transfers and training. They also act as role models for those who are newly injured.


There are 50 single occupancy rooms at Rehab Station Stockholm, all of which are wheelchair accessible. Patients are encouraged to eat all their meals in the restaurant. This is important as we believe that socialising plays a major part in the rehabilitation process. Relatives can stay in one of our guestrooms or in the nearby SAS Radisson hotel, where special rates are offered.

Additional services

In addition to the regular rehabilitation, Karolinska University Hospital and us offer a number of clinics and services needed to meet the individual needs of patients.

Some of these include:

plastic surgery, pain clinic, spasticity clinic, hand surgery and other services like seating and posture clinic, adaptive equipment training, educating the carer and home adaptation consultation.


During their stay we inform the patient and relatives about the latest advances in SCI research and current treatment methods. Our researchers are affiliated to Karolinska Institute which is one of the leading centres in SCI research in the world.

For further information, please contact:

Lars Holmström
Tel: +46 8 555 44 108
Fax: +46 8 555 44 151